Saturday, August 30, 2014

Boeing Dreamliners Back In The Air

Boeing Dreamliners Back In The Air

After 123 days being grounded and then repaired to ensure its battery systems do not catch fire, Boeing 787 Dreamliners are about to once again make commercial Flight in the United States. A United Airlines 787 will fly from Houston to Chicago Monday morning carrying more than 250 passengers including the CEO's of United and Boeing.

Given the massive amount negative publicity, including video of one Dreamliner with smoke drifting out of it in January, there are many wondering if people will be afraid to fly the plane.

There may be some who are concerned about flying on the 787, but I think they are far and few in between,said Henry Harteveldt, Airline analyst with Hudson Crossing. It is a great Airplane. It has a lot of passenger pleasing features so there are a lot of people who will be looking for it.

The United 787 has a new battery system that includes greater space between battery cells to prevent them from catching fire. If the re-designed battery does catch on fire, it is now encased in steel box to prevent the fire from spreading. There is also ventilation leading from the steel box to outside the Dreamliner so any smoke from a fire goes outside the 787 and not into the cabin.

For United Airlines, the FAA grounding the 787 on January 17th created a costly headache for the airline. The airline had six Dreamliners it immediately pulled from its schedule.

The impact included the Airline taking an $11 million charge in the first quarter due to lost revenue. Instead of flying the 787 on flights between Shanghai and Los Angeles, the carrier had to fly more costly 777 planes. United also had to postpone start of service between Denver and Tokyo.

But more than that, the 787 grounding erased any marketing edge United had over other U.S. carriers who will not fly the Dreamliner for years. For months leading up to taking delivery of its first 787 late last year United ran promotional videos at the start if every flight touting the Dreamliner as a plane that would transform the flying experience.

In every one of those videos CEO Jeff Smisek talked about how he couldn't wait for United customers to enjoy flying in a 787. After the grounding, Smisek was left answering reporter and analyst questions about whether he still had confidence in the plane. To his credit, Smisek never changed his tune.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fight between two passengers over personal space

Fight between two passengers over personal space

On Sunday, a Fight between two passengers over personal space, a thrown cup of water and the use of a controversial plastic gadget that prevents Airline seats from reclining caused United Airlines Flight 1462 from Newark, N.J., to Denver to divert to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, the AP reports.

During the Flight, a man seated in the Economy Plus section, which offers four more inches of legroom than other coach seats, was reportedly using a $21.95 gadget called a Knee Defender to prevent the woman seated in front of him from reclining her seat.

While the Federal Aviation Administration does not prohibit the use of the Knee Defender, like most other major U.S. Airlines, we do not allow customers to use devices that prevent seats from reclining,said United Airlines spokesman Charles Hobart via e-mail.
But the male passenger refused to remove the device when asked to do so by the Flight attendant.

The woman whose seat could not recline stood up and threw a cup of water at the Knee Defender user, a law enforcement official told AP, and soon after United made the decision to land the plane in Chicago.

Authorities met the Aircraft, removed the two passengers and the Flight continued to Denver shortly afterwards,said Hobart.
No arrests were made because the incident was deemed a customer service issue and not a threat to Aviation security,said Transportation Security Administration spokesman Ross Feinstein.

Sometimes people do things they shouldn't do on Airplanes, but as far as I know this is the first time anything like this has happened,involving the Knee Defender, said Ira Goldman, the man who invented the device in 2003 and continues to sell it online.
United could make seats that do not recline, but they have not chosen to do so, said Goldman. In the meantime, the Knee Defender says right on it Be courteous. Do not hog space. Listen to the Flight crew. Apparently that is not what happened here.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Iceland Raises Aviation volcano Alert To Red  

Iceland's Meteorological Office says a subglacial eruption is underway at the Bardarbunga volcano, which has been rattled by thousands of earthquakes over the past week.

Vulcanologist Melissa Pfeffer said seismic data indicates that lava from the volcano is melting ice beneath the Vatnajokull glacier. She said it was not clear when, or if the eruption would melt the ice and send steam and ash into the Air.
Minutes earlier, Iceland raised its Aviation Alert for the volcano to the highest level of red on Saturday, indicating an eruption that could cause significant emission of ash into the atmosphere. Red is the highest alert warning on a five point scale.

The alert means that all Air Traffic in the area is banned.
A Virgin Atlantic spokesman said a Flight from London Heathrow to San Francisco was rerouted away from the volcano as a precautionary measure.

Just one in four insurers covers volcanic ash as standard 21 
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Safety and security is always our top priority,he said.
All other Virgin Atlantic Flights continue to operate as normal, but we are advising all customers to visit our website for the latest information.
We continue to closely monitor the situation and we are in ongoing dialogue with all of the relevant authorities.
A spokeswoman for NATS, the UK's air traffic control organisation, said NATS is monitoring the situation and working in close collaboration with the Met Office, Department for Transport and our safety regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority, as this dynamic situation develops further.

She added that NATS will help determine what impact the eruption will have for operations in UK airspace and advise airline customers accordingly.
Scientists had planned to fly over the glacier later Saturday to look for changes on the surface but it was not clear if that would still take place.

A spokesman for budget Airline easy Jet said it is putting its contingency plans into action following the red alert, using specialist technology to ensure any ash created by the eruption is detected and chartered.
easyJet will use this and other data provided by the authorities to determine what, if any, changes it should make to its flying programme.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Aviation leaders Fight Norwegian Airline

Aviation leaders Fight Norwegian Airline

The nation’s largest Pilot union filed comments Monday with the U.S. Department of Transportation demanding it reject a new European Airline’s application to offer low cost transatlantic Flights between the U.S. and Norway.

The Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), along with the Transportation Trades Department of the AFL CIO and the European Cockpit Association, called upon the transportation department to reject Norwegian Air International, which they argue will operate under a flag of convenience business model that does not ensure proper oversight or labor standards.

The Department of Transportation must exercise its Authority under the U.S. EU Air Transport Agreement and deny Norwegian Air International’s request to fly to and from the United States,said Capt. Lee Moak, ALPA’s president.NAI’s business model violates the principles of the agreement and is not in the U.S. public interest.

While Norwegian has registered its other existing lines in Norway, the company is basing its latest international line in Ireland, offering tickets as low as $99.

However, U.S. Aviation experts say that by registering in Ireland but not flying there, inspectors can’t provide proper oversight of staff training or aircraft safety.

Additionally, members of the Airline’s staff are being contracted from Singapore by a company based in Bangkok. Experts from ALPA say that the company is doing so to skirt expensive taxes and labor requirements.

Steve Jangelis, a Pilot for Delta and ALPA Airport and Ground Environment Group Chairman and Delta Pilot  told The Times that this kind of business model has already caused serious problems in the bus and cruise industry, but taking it airborne would pose more serious security threats.

Would the mayor be happy if a taxi driver shows up at Orlando International Airport who is licensed in Panama who has a vehicle built by Chevy, in Detroit, but yet is trained in Argentina but then has license plates from Singapore? Would they find that acceptable? And they obviously would not. Mr. Jangelis said.

But officials at Norwegian air argue that U.S. opposition stems from a fear of competition and have called ALPA’s accusations slanderous.

The legacy carriers did everything in their power to stop low-cost carriers like Southwest Airlines to enter the domestic skies. Now history is repeating itself as an airline from Norway is taking on the big guys in order to offer everyone affordable flights across the Atlantic, said Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen, Norwegian’s communications manager. “If the authorities listen to the legacy carriers and the unions, the losers will be customers who will be left with no other option than airlines that offer astronomic fares and poor in Flight service. The American people deserve to have a choice.

Mr. Sandaker Nielsen added that Norwegian chose to register its new line in Ireland to access future traffic rights to and from the EU since Norway is not an EU member and said that it’s labor conditions are completely up to standard.

Norwegian always follows the rules and regulations in all the markets we operate, offering competitive wages and conditions. We assume that our U.S. competitors do the same when hiring crews in for instance South America.

However, ALPA authorities say that they are not against competition, and in fact welcome it from Norwegian’s other airliners that are correctly registered.

We encourage competition, Mr. Jangelis said. If they’re going to fly from Norway to the United States, register in Norway. Deal with those safety issues, deal with those labor issues, deal with those tax implications of working in Norway.
Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have expressed strong opposition to Norwegian’s application to operate in the U.S.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

India UK Aviation News Jet Airways London Flight Departs After Nearly 24 Hour Delay

India UK Aviation News Jet Airways London Flight Departs After Nearly 24 Hour Delay

Around 300 Jet Airways passengers, who were stranded for nearly 22 hours after a London bound plane was grounded due to a Technical glitch, finally left for for their destination this morning.

The stranded Flight took off at around 11.45 AM today after a long delay of 22 hours. The Airline today operated it as a special Flight 9W 118 with an Airbus 330, sources told PTI in Mumbai.

The London Flight was grounded due to Technical issues, Jet Airways spokesperson had said in a statement on Friday, adding that the London Heathrow.

The Flight 9W 118 was scheduled to leave for London's Heathrow Airport on Friday at 12.45 PM but Jet Airways grounded the Aircraft, citing Technical reasons.

We were told that the flight will depart at 6 PM since the airline had arranged another aircraft, but later we were informed that this aircraft too was grounded due to a technical glitch and passengers would fly only at 1.30 AM in the morning, a stranded Jet Airways passenger said last night.

The Airline also facilitated travel for some of the guests on other airlines and on its later Flight to London.

The rest of the guests have been provided accommodation at the Leela Mumbai, the spokesperson said.

It may be mentioned that Aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation had in a first of its kind order last month asked the budget carrier SpiceJet to refund fares to the passengers after one of its flight was delayed by five hours on account of a snag.

This is the third incident involving a Jet Airways Aircraft in the recent past.

On Thursday, a fire alarm in a Jet Airways Flight from Delhi to Bhopal caused a scare as it was about to take off in the early hours. The ATR 72 turbo prop aircraft, operating flight 9W 2654, abandoned take off after the Pilots saw the alarm on the cockpit Flight panel.

In another incident last week, a Jet Airways Flight with over 280 passengers plunged 5,000 feet while overflying Turkish airspace as the commander was asleep and the co Pilot busy with an iPad carrying Flight information, leading DGCA to suspend both of them.

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National Aviation Academy Lands at Marshfield Fair

National Aviation Academy Lands at Marshfield Fair

From Friday August 15th, through Sunday August 24th, the National Aviation Academy New England  will be represented, at the Marshfield Fair. This is NAA's first appearance at the Marshfield Fair, and will be an experience filled with fun and excitement for visitors of all ages.
The Academy's sponsorship at the fair is one driven by a desire to give back to the communities that have allowed the school to prosper in New England for decades.
Laurence Huntley, Senior Vice President of the National Aviation Academy New England, and resident of Marshfield, said, We are delighted to bring the National Aviation Academy to the South Shore and support the Marshfield Fair. Our students come from across New England and the USA, as well as other countries. There is a great demand for FAA Certified Aviation Maintenance Technicians in the Aviation and related industries, and companies from across the country and locally, such as Cape Air, hire our graduates. We are delighted that Cape Air are going to join us on Children's Day here at the Marshfield Fair.

NAA will be the corporate sponsor for Children's day, on August 21st, where a Special Aviation toy will be made available to all children who visit the NAA tent this day. Spectators are invited to stop by all week. NAA's Robinson 22 Helicopter will be available to take photos with, and plenty of fun prizes including two Matco-Tool prize packs will be given away. Visitors to the NAA tent will also have the opportunity to speak with faculty and staff to learn more about becoming an Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) and the program offered at the academy.


National Aviation Academy (NAA), formerly East Coast Aero Tech, has been Training Aviation Professionals at Hanscom Field, in Bedford, MA since 1932. The primary mission of NAA New England is to prepare students for employment in the Aviation Industry as Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMT).
Today's Airplanes and jets continue to evolve with new systems both mechanically and electronically. Some of the latest commercial Airliners have progressed past sheet metal to
a lighter composite and the analog gauges in the cockpits have been replaced with large touch screens. It is important for
Technicians in the field to understand all components of the Aircraft. This skill set and knowledge make you more valuable to your company.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

FAA prohibits U.S. Airline Flights Over Iraq

FAA prohibits U.S. Airline Flights Over Iraq

The Federal Aviation Administration prohibited U.S. Airlines Friday from flying over Iraq because of safety concerns about military conflict.

The ban came the same day U.S. military forces began Airstrikes against militants in northern Iraq. A previous warning urged Pilots to fly at least 30,000 feet above Iraq because of the conflict between Iraqi security forces and militants associated with the Islamic State.

The update prohibits Flights because of the potentially hazardous situation created by the armed conflict. The FAA said the prohibition will be reviewed at the end of the year.

Flight warnings gained greater attention after Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine, where pro Russia separatists are Fighting government forces.
The FAA also suspended U.S. flights to Israel for 36 hours  when a rocket fell near the airport in Tel Aviv.
FAA warnings are often followed around the world, as when the European Aviation Safety Agency strongly recommended airlines avoid Tel Aviv temporarily.

The Lufthansa group of airlines suspended flights to Irbil in northern Iraq until Tuesday. The group's Austrian Airlines usually flies daily from Vienna and Lufthansa flies twice a week from Frankfurt. The Airlines also said they would detour around Iraq for Flights to Asia and the Middle East.

The safety of passengers and crews remains the company's highest priority, Lufthansa said in a statement.

Conflict zones have become a growing concern to Aviation during the last year. At a safety conference of the Air Line Pilots Association on Thursday, Claudio Manno, the FAA's assistant administrator for security, said the agency had issued, reviewed or updated six special regulations and 10 warnings to Pilots about conflict zones during the past year.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

FAA bans US Airline Over Iraq Due To Conflict

FAA bans US Airline Over Iraq Due To Conflict

The FAA said the ban was introduced due to the hazardous situation created by Fighting between militants from the Islamic State (IS) and Iraqi security forces.

British Airways said it was suspending its Flights over Iraq and would keep the situation under review.
The US launched Air strikes against IS in Iraq on Thursday.
The FAA had previously banned all Air Travel over Iraq below 30,000 feet.

On Saturday, Australian Airline Qantas said it had suspended Flights over Iraq, following similar actions by German Airline Lufthansa, Dubai-based Emirates, Virgin Atlantic and Air France.

Flying over conFlict areas has come under increasing scrutiny since the crash of MH 17 in Ukraine in July.

Earlier the FAA and other European carriers brieFly suspended Flights to Israel's Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv after a rocket landed near the Airport.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fraport To Manage Retail Malls At Baltimore,Boston,Cleveland and Pittsburgh,Airports

Fraport To Manage Retail Malls At Baltimore,Boston,Cleveland and Pittsburgh,Airports

The Fraport Group has expanded its International Portfolio in the global Airport market by acquiring 100 percent of U.S. based AMU Holdings Inc, which owns Airmall USA Holdings Inc. One of the leading Airport concessions developers in North America, Airmall markets space at the Aviation hubs of Baltimore , Boston , Cleveland and Pittsburgh . Together, these four hubs serve a total of about 70 million passengers per year.  Airmall currently oversees about 34,000 square meters (366,000 square feet) of space in the passenger terminals at the four Airports with about 270 retail and food and beverage outlets operated by International, National, Regional and Local Tenants.  

Fraport AG's executive board chairman Dr. Stefan Schulte welcomed the acquisition deal The retailing business at our Frankfurt home base has always been a growth engine and we have repeated this success story consistently over the years at our other Group airports worldwide. With the acquisition of Airmall, we have established a promising platform for developing our U.S. business in the future.

Dr. Matthias Zieschang, Fraport AG's executive board member for finance (CFO), as well as acquisitions and investments, explained:  "On the one hand, Airmall has developed a solid business at the four U.S. airports, whereby investing makes good business sense.  On the other hand, Airmall will give us a presence at these four airports for further expanding our brand reputation in the U.S. market." This will give Fraport the right prerequisites for further growth on the continent and in other parts of the world.  

Airmall's headquarters will remain at Pittsburgh's International airport.  The addition of Airmall in the Fraport global portfolio will help provide new two-way synergistic benefits -- a win-win business relationship.  Both Airmall and Fraport are dedicated to enhancing the passenger experience at Airports.  Thanks to its successful concessions model in North America, Airmall has one of the highest per passenger spends on the continent.  

Further more, Airmall offers substantial expertise in the U.S. marketplace and industry leadership as an innovator.  For example, the company was honored in the 2013 ARN Best Airports and Concessionaires Awards (by Airport Revenue News) for best practices in concessions design, customer service, unique services, and overall concessions programs. The craft brew pubs at Airmall's CLE and BWI airport malls. 

Aviation hubs of Baltimore,Boston,Cleveland and Pittsburgh,
Airport concessions developers in North America,
platform for developing our U.S. business in the future,
Headquarters will remain at Pittsburgh's International Airport,

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