Missing Air Flight may have shot down by U.S. Navy says Former Aviation Boss

Few months back there was a huge buzz all over media about the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 going missing? Former French airline was very curious about this situation of what has exactly happened to the Malaysian Flight.

According to Marc Dugain, the former chief executive of now defunct Proteus Airlines claimed that U.S. Navy has shot down the flight. He also has written two articles about his case on believing that U.S. Navy has shot down the Malaysian Flight. Dugain got full media attention in Europe and there was some nuisance activity in the online forum of conspiracy. "Without getting into conspiracy theories," Dugain said in a radio interview after the piece was published, "it is a possibility that the Americans stopped this plane."

International Authorities denied this news but Dugain is sure that the Boeing 777 which had more than 200 passengers on board, has been found crashed near the American base on Diego Garcia island in the Indian Ocean. Dugain also wrote in the magazine that the plane was shot by U.S. as because it was hijacked by hackers and it was a threat to the United States of America.

Australia has been searching the plane as they believe it has crashed in the southern Indian Ocean of Western Australia. In the following weeks U.S.Navy ships and aircraft also started to hide the disappearance of the airliner. 

Susweta Bose  [Masters in Mass Comm ] 
Sub Editor