USA CUBA Embargo can benefit US and Cuba Aviation

With the decision of US and CUBA to strengthen ties, Aviation also comes on top charts of getting benefited. Cuba is seen as new opportunities for the US Aviation Sector.
Marion Blakey, chief executive, Aerospace Industries Association,   stated "a great deal of new commerce" for all US companies is on the charts. She also welcomed the President’s decision.
Several US Airlines, who cater to chartered Flights in the USA, have already decided of increased service in accordance to changing rules and policies. The services are to be increased in line with the change in the government’s policies.

At the Group’s annual conference, Blakey stated, the increased traffic will benefit companies that service and maintain Aircrafts. It is all based on creating the much appropriate agreement with Cuba. "I have no idea about the details, but certainly in the long run, everyone wants to see that,” she added.

Delta Airlines spokesperson, Anthony Black, stated that his firm is looking for opportunities to increased traffic from Cuba. The firm operates charter Flights to Cuba, as of now.
Operator of 20 Charter Flights to Cuba per week, American Airlines, stated the laws and policies of the US government will be the binding rules for it. They however did not mention, if the plan of new Flights was on the cards.

Susweta Bose  [Masters in Mass Comm ] 
Sub Editor