Indian Science Congress won’t make Aviation Public

According to a controversial paper, Indian Science Congress recently stated that Indian Aviation will not be made public.
For the first time in its 102-year history, the congress included a session on “ancient Indian sciences through Sanskrit” on its agenda. Many delegates hailed it as a belated but welcome decision. But it soon became controversial because of the tall claims made in some of the papers presented at the session. One of them was on ancient Indian aviation technology, presented by Captain Anand Bodas, a retired Principal of a pilot training centre, and Ameya Jadhav, a lecturer.

According to Uma Vaidya, chairperson of the session and Vice-Chancellor of Kavikulaguru Kalidasa Sanskrit University, Ramtek, told The Hindu that ““We had earlier decided to upload all the presentations on our website. But we have changed our minds. We will only upload a report on the session.”
As per Gauri Mahulikar, Head of the Sanskrit Department of Mumbai University said there were copyright issues as well. “We fear that others who have nothing to do with this research will claim it as their finding.”
Captain Bodas refused to share the presentation as when he was asked for the copy of Indian Science Congress, he said he need to seek permission.

The paper had said Maharshi Bharadwaj had given detailed guidelines for making aircraft. “Maharshi Bharadwaj has narrated guidelines for making aeroplanes. There are 97 reference books for aviation. In Brihatvimanshastra, he has given 500 guidelines,” Captain Bodas had said at the presentation.

Susweta Bose  [Masters in Mass Comm ] 
Sub Editor