Sales flat in 2014 for U.S. Military Aircraft Sales and Missile Sales down too.

Sales flat in 2014 for U.S. Military Aircraft Sales and Missile Sales down too.

This year U.S. Aerospace industry sales increased by 4 percent to $228.4 Billion but the sales of the military Aircraft and missiles were flat at 87.3 Billion as per the information of Aerospace industries Association (AIA).
Department of Defence (DOD) are spending on spacecraft and satellites have increased.
In the year end review the AIA stated sales of military Aircraft has increased only by $52.6 Billion as Compared to 2013, whereas sales of missiles have decreased by 4.1 percent to $19.9 Billion. These results were offset by $14.7 Billion in exports of military Aircraft, engines, missiles and part, as increased by 9.2 percent over 2013. Meanwhile pentagon is spending on spacecraft, satellite and parts have increased 5.4 percent to $48.8 Billion in the past year.

Military exports have included 2,700 Complete Aircraft in 2013 to 4,972. Export Aircraft consists of 3,138 transports; 1,296 Helicopters; 168 gliders, balloons and Airships; and 370 used and rebuilt Aircraft. U.S.military imports totalled $4.8 Billion, including 31 Complete Aircraft—all Helicopters. 

While foreign military sales remain a focus of U.S. Defense Companies, the export growth will not offset declines in DOD procurement spending, the association warned. It called on Congress to repeal “the mindless budget caps” the legislative body established in 2011 legislation. “The solution is also clear. The budget caps imposed by the Budget Control Act of 2011 must end,” the AIA said. “The caps on discretionary spending, both for Defense and non-Defense programs, are set too low to address the global security threats we face today.”
According to the AIA and CEO Marion Blakey was firmed in the speech directing her remarks at the members of the incoming 114th Congress and politicians eyeing the 2016 elections. “Look at the polls. The American people are fed up with Washington, fed up with elected officials letting ideological extremism serve as an excuse for failing to listen to the public as opposed small factions of party activists,” Blakey said. “[W]hen the Joint Chiefs tell you American lives will be lost if we don’t restore Defense investment to adequate levels, listen very carefully.”
Also Lockheed Martin said that the DOD accepted the delivery of its 36th F-35 Joint Strike Fighter on December 22, “Delivering the most F-35s in program history is a clear demonstration of our growing stability and ability to ramp up production,” said Lorraine Martin, Lockheed Martin F-35 program general manager. With the year’s last delivery, the manufacturer has handed over 109 operational F-35s to U.S. and partner nations. 

Susweta Bose  [Masters in Mass Comm ] 
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