US Airways was aborted to Takeoff by the mistake of the Pilot, Philadelphia last year: FAA

Federal investigators have stated that due to pilot’s error has led to an aborted takeoff at Philadelphia International Airport in March.  

According to the NBC affiliate in Philadelphia, the Federal Aviation Administration found out that the pilots of US Airways Flight 1702 has failed to properly prepare the aircraft for takeoff and also ignored warnings.

The FAA is also determined that once the Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-bound Airbus A320 plane was 70 feet off the ground when the captain declared it was not safe to fly and throttle down. The hard landing of the plane forced its nose to crash into the ground, sending the jet skidding 2,000 feet across the field. Passengers were evacuated immediately and two out of 154 people suffered minor injuries.

The FAA report also includes that the plane’s captain was not fit to fly the plane as he was on prescription medication. Aviation website Flightglobal has also reported on FAA findings.

US Airways have declined to comment until the National Transportation Safety Board finishes its investigation. And final report is expected on this spring.

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