Egypt Air Flight 804 victims show traces of Explosives

Egypt Air Flight 804 victims show traces of Explosives

The EgyptAir Plane that crashed into the Mediterranean earlier this year, Egypt’s Civil Aviation Ministry announced Thursday that post investigations traces of explosives have been found on some of the victims which has sparked a criminal investigation into the incident.

The  unfortunate Crash of EgyptAir Flight 804, flying from Paris to Cairo killed all 66 people aboard on May 19. Investigators have said alarms heard on the plane’s recorders suggested sensors detected smoke in a lavatory on the Airbus A320 and problems with the cockpit windows. 
France opened a criminal investigation in June.

The latest development said "traces of explosive materials" had been found "on the bodies of victims" of the  Airplane Crash. Under a 1981 law, the discovery by the technical committee investigating the incident triggered a referral to the general prosecutor, the ministry has further announced.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the EgyptAir crash. Egypt moves to beef up airport security to avoid any such future incidents.



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