UAC And Comac Developing Widebody Aircraft

UAC And Comac Developing Widebody Aircraft

Russia and China’s
UAC And Comac 
launched full-scale

SHANGHAI—United Aircraft Corp. (UAC) of Russia 
and China’s Comac on May 22 launched full-scale development for a commercial widebody Aircraft, setting up a joint company in Shanghai with an aim of delivering the first Aircraft no later than 2027. Although UAC and Comac engineers have been working on the concept since 2013, only now can detail design begin, said Vladislav Masalov, vice president of UAC and chairman of the board of directors of the joint company. The new company ...
Russian know how and Chinese money...... This has the potential to be a good plane. The Russians have a vast pool of knowledge to help with this and the Chinese have the money to back it. The Russian know how much it will actually cost to get this into the air which is why they have partnered in this venture (it will NOT be cheap). The Chinese have to accept they need help as the ARJ21 will NEVER be produced in any meaningful numbers the C919's entry into service has been delayed by at lease a year (again) so a project the size of this is beyond them (for the time being). The biggest hurdle to this project is how well they will be able to work together! In the past it has proven to be very difficult they mix as well as oil and water. If they are able to overcome this then in 10 years time they will have a plane they will at least be able to sell in China and Russia but will have to see if others will take the plunge. At the moment Boeing and Airbus don't have too much to worry about but they will definitely have to keep an eye on developments.




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