Tuesday, December 30, 2014

AirAsia QZ 8501 Missing A 320 Jet is to believed "at the bottom of the Sea

AirAsia QZ 8501 Missing A 320 Jet is to believed "at the bottom of the Sea'.

Indonesia's National Search and rescue Agency cheif said the Air Asia plane whcih went missing with 162 people on board after takeoff from Indonesia is believed to be at the bottom of the sea.

On Monday ships and helicopters searched the Java Sea for signs of wreckage from the plane that went missing soon after takeoff. An Indonesian and australian search parties have claimed that there are some oily spots on the water while the other says some objects are being seeing elsewhere.

It was, however, too early to know whether either sighting was connected to the missing aircraft."Based on the coordinates given to us and evaluation that the estimated crash position is in the sea, the hypothesis is the plane is at the bottom of the sea," Henry Bambang Soelistyo, Indonesia's National Search and Rescue Agency chief told reporters.

According to the first Admiral Sigit Setiayana,the Naval Aviation Center Commander at the Surabaya air force base said that 12 naby ships, five planes,three helicopters and a number of warships were searching the east and southernesat of Indonesia's Belitung island and nearby waters. Malaysia , Singapore and Australia have joined this operation.

Al Jazeera's Scott Heidler said that Australia had a deployed sophisticated surveillance aircraft in the search over Java Sea. Singapore offered to provide underwater assistance.

The Airbus A320-200 went missing after air traffic controllers lost contact with the Aircraft 45 minutes after it left Juanda international airport at Surabaya in East Java at 5.20am on Sunday.

Just before disappearing the Air Asia pilots of the plane had asked for the 
permission from Jakarta air traffic control to change course as there was bad weather conditions.

Investigation ongoing

One of the correspondent said that the investigators were checking all the passenegers prifile and footage of X-rays of the luggage taken on board.

There are also reports that some fishermen might have heard something before the news that the plane had disappeared off radar came out 

The Airline said 155 of those people on board Flight QZ8501 were Indonesian, with 3 South Koreans and one person each from Malaysia, Singapore, Britain and France.

"The plane is in good condition but the weather is not so good," Djoko Murjatmodjo told a press conference at Jakarta's airport, addressing reports of severe storms in the area where the jet went missing.

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Demand for Drone Operation Education in USA increases

New Educational trend in the united states about the rocketing popularity of the drones.
Applicants are rushing to the technical universities to study about the drone operation. Despite of the ongoing discussion about the use of the drone rules, as the drones have become one of the most popular gifts in this holiday season.

According to NBC news, about 100 US Colleges and universities have launched programs instructing people how to use a drone as the popularity of unmanned Aircrafts have gone strength by strength.
Media outlet stated that some institutions have reported that year by year the admission growth has increased by huge number. 

The unmanned Aviation program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, one of the country's largest Aviation schools, grew from 11 to more than 200 Students in just three years.
According to NBC, a drone piloting Student at the University of North Dakota said that the benefits which are provided, we will be more exponential.

The Federal Aviation Administration has launched a drone safety campaign by making a video named “Know before You Fly” explaining the rules of Flying and promoting drone operating lessons. The only thing we to look out for is any contact with an Aircraft can be very dangerous situation.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Simferopol and Dnipropetrovs’k flying over them has been banned by U.S. Federal Aviation

Simferopol and Dnipropetrovs’k flying over them has been banned by U.S. Federal Aviation
The United States Federal Aviation has forbidden flights over the Ukraine’s city of Dnipropetrovsk and the Russian city of Simferopol in Crimea.

In an amendment to flight regulations introduced previously, the FAA “expands the area in which flight operations by persons subject to SFAR No. 113 are prohibited, to include all of the Simferopol (UKFV) FIR, as well as the entire Dnipropetrovsk (UKDV) FIR.”
The FAA introduced the extended flight as it finds it “necessary to prevent a potential hazard to persons and aircraft engaged in such flight operations.”

According to FAA, they introduced special Federal Aviation Regulation No.113 forbidding flights on the Simferopol region, citing “safety and national concerns” stating increased tensions in Russia And Ukraine. The instructions have been potentially conflicting; with both Russian and Ukrainian air traffic services operating in the area.
Joining Russia in March was Ukraine which Crimea seceded, after 96% local voters backed the move in a referendum that has not been recognized by the Kiev authorities.
 Dnipropetrovsk airport was closed down by authorities in December over “security reasons”. Dnipropetrovsk is one of Ukraine’s largest cities, located in the south-central part of the country. 

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

M Q - 8 C landing on US Navy

The first ship based testing of MQ-8C Fire Scout unmanned Helicopter was completed earlier this month, while aboard the USS Jason Dunham, guided-missile destroyer. On December 16, the missile first landed way off the Virginia Coast.

With its design base on the Bell 407 Helicopter, the MQ-8C can Fly twice as long or with three times the payload capacity as compared to the Navy’s current MQ-8B, that is based on the smaller Sikorsky-Schweizer 333.

Along with Sikorsky MH-60R Seahawk manned, the MQ-8C  Fire Scout is meant to extend the range and endurance of ship-based search and targeting support. On October 31, 2013 Northrop Grumman prime Contractor  along with the Navy  conducted MQ-8C’s first flight from the Point Mugu range at Naval Base Ventura County in California. 
The Dynamic Interface testing as on board the Dunham was meant to verify the system’s launch and recovery procedures before the MQ-8C begins operational tests in 2015.
Opertaors performed three flights and 32 recoveries and take-offs, during the five day test period, with the Helicopter Flying from the ship’s ground control system.
The data collected will help testers assess the system’s performance at different combinations of wind and ship motion, according to the Naval Air Systems Command. “By better understanding ship operations, we will have a smoother transition into operational test,” said Capt. Jeff Dodge, the Navy’s Fire Scout program manager.
“This exercise gives us insight into operating from an Air-capable ship and will help us mitigate any risk associated with the system.”
40 MQ-8C are to be proclaimed by the Navy, of two Airframes each, to support Littoral Combat Ship and other Air-capable vessels. Thus far 19 of the Helicopters which include two test Aircraft have been acquired by the Navy.

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